Calisthenics for Women

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Calisthenics for Chest

Okay, so you’ve been hitting the gym to bulk up your chest muscles. If you’re not seeing the development you want, then you might want to give calisthenics a try. … Read more →

Calisthenics for Shoulders

If you’re wanting to strengthen shoulder muscles, calisthenics has some fantastic options, ranging from basic skill-building exercises to the seriously extreme. Improving your shoulder strength can help you protect upper-body … Read more →

Calisthenics Equipment

At its heart, the only tool or piece of equipment you need to do a calisthenic workout is your own body weight. But that is just the founding principle, not … Read more →

Benefits of Calisthenics

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Calisthenics for Legs

That’s right, it’s leg day. Correction: it’s calisthenics leg day. Time to get those legs workin’ and balance out the upper body with strong calves and thighs! Don’t even touch … Read more →

Calisthenics for Biceps

Trying to get huge biceps? Fortunately for you, the bicep responds very well to strength training so huge biceps can easily be in your future! But because of this, those … Read more →

Calisthenics for Weight Loss

Can you really lose weight with calisthenics? The simple answer is yes. It should be stated that to lose weight, one must combine good nutrition and caloric deficit with proper … Read more →

Calisthenics for Back

When you think about working the back, what comes to mind? The pull-up bar, perhaps? A pole to do flag holds? Although there are many calisthenics back exercises that do … Read more →

What is Calisthenics?

Even if you’ve never heard of calisthenics before, you’ve certainly seen what it can do. Pull ups? Human Flag? One-finger Push ups? Okay, so some workouts are harder than others. … Read more →