Best Treadclimber

It’s not very easy to find the best tread climber for your work out. There’re many fake tread climbers out there that don’t actually give results.

But don’t worry – you’ve come to the right place for getting the right bowflex machine information.

After doing a intensive research with my co-partners (Bill and Chris), we decided to come up with the best of best treadclimeber that actually give results.

The three workout machines that we’ve reviewed based on our experience and research are as below;

Bowflex TreadClimber TC100

Bowflex TC100 TreadClimber
  • Combines the motions of a treadmill, a stepper, and an elliptical for an easy, low impact workout with high impact results – and all you do is walk
  • Just walk and Burn up to two and half times the calories of a treadmill at the same speed*
  • 4 Electronic Functions: Speed, Distance, Time and Calories
  • Speed range of .5 4 mph
  • Heart Rate Monitor with integrated contact grips

Bowflex TreadClimber TC200

Bowflex TC200 TreadClimber
  • Combines the motions of a treadmill, a stepper, and an elliptical for an easy, low-impact workout with high-impact results – and all you do is walk
  • Free Bowflex TreadClimber App sets, monitors and tracks personal fitness goals
  • Integrated Bluetooth connectivity automatically shares your data with MyFitnessPal, Apple Health and Google Fit and stores up to 4 different user's data
  • Burn up to two and half times the calories of a treadmill at the same speed*
  • 5 workout programs – Just Walk, distance, calorie and intervals

Bowflex TreadClimber T216

Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill
  • Introducing Bowflex JRNY, the personalized coaching technology that integrates with your BXT216 to create daily, custom workouts and provide in-workout coaching and personalized feedback that encourages and drives users through their workout.
  • Stay engaged by exploring dozens of virtual courses and stunning trails that automatically adjust to your running speed with the Explore the World App.Coming Soon
  • Motorized incline up to 15% to vary workout intensity
  • 22" x 60" running path with Comfort Tech Cushioning Technology
  • 9" full color, back-lit LCD screen with 11 simplified "push and go" intuitive workout programs

If you want to have the best work out and healthy life, then you can’t avoid the top 3 treadclimbers.

Choosing the Best Treadclimber

Choosing the best treadclimber depends on a lot of factors, don’t just go and buy because your friends are buying it, you need to get full details first.

Our standard review procedure is well laid down and before we put anything to pen and paper, we normally spend 11-hours of thinking about the benefits.

TreadClimbers Comparison:

It’s not very easy to find the best tread climber for your work out. There’re many fake tread climbers and bowflex machine that don’t actually give results.

You’ve come to the right place for reviewing the best and getting the right bowflex machine for your workout. Not so many website provide satisfactory answers or reviews.











Maximum displayed speed 4.5 mph 4 mph 4.5 mph
Saved user profiles 0 1 2
Integrated heart rate monitor No No Yes
Extended treadles No No Yes
Display type LCD LCD Backlit LCD
Display functions 4 (speed, distance, time, calories) 4 (speed, distance, time, calories) 5 (speed, distance, time, calories, HR)
Dimensions 27 x 52.8 x 43.1 inches (W x H x D) 30.3 x 52.3 x 50.6 inches (W x H x D) 31.5 x 55.25 x 55 inches (W x H x D)
Capacity 300 pounds 300 pounds 300 pounds
Weight 163 pounds 185 pounds 217 pounds
Warranty (covers entire machine) 1 year 2 years 3 years

Tread Climber Benefits

What are some of the benefits you’ll get with the workout machines?

These machines will help you to flex and extend your muscles

You can use them week-by-week workouts on your workouts

If you really want to get the results that you want, then I’d advice if you can mix the treadclimber with any trainer who knows more about bowflex.

Additionally to fat loss, it can help you shape your and reduce your hips and thighs and any person who wish to focus on their abdominal.

If you really want to succeed in terms of weight loss, then I’d advice that you develop and instill discipline and patience. Once you do that I can guarantee you that you can reduce your fat faster than expected.

Within 6 weeks you can drop 25 pounds of fat and 5 inches from your waist. (That is from a man points)

From a woman’s point. You can lose 19 pounds of fat and 4 inches from your thighs and both of you can build 3 pounds of muscles. The great thing about it is that you’ll experience strength, firmness, and muscular refinement as never before.

Treadclimber can make your ideal fitness manual for both men and women. Don’t underestimate the value of these workout machines, they help you lose fat, build muscle, and reshape your body– fast.

If you want to have a bowflex body, then i’d encourage that you buy any of the top treadclimbers machine.

If you’ve any feedback , kindly leave your comments below and i’ll be more than happy to help you and answer any question you might have.

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Treadclimber FAQs

Below are some of the questions and answers that will help you in buying the best bowflex treadclimber for your workout.

Can I place treadclimber in my garage?

Simple answer, yes but it will depend with the size and how portable it is. They take very little space and it cannot be fold. Just put it in a corner and you’ll be fine.

Can anything cause my treadclimber not to turn?

It will depend with what you here when the machine is on. If your mortar is under warranty call the manufacturer and they should walk you thru some troubleshooting procedures. So, make sure your motor running and the belt is aligned properly.

Can the neighbors hear the pounding much?

No, as long as it’s quite, your neighbors wont here anything not unless you’ve a regular treadclimber. It is pretty quiet.

Can I collapse and move treadclimber?

Definitely you can’t. Make sure you do not pinch the cable connector that you will need to unplug that goes from the motor to the panel.

Any type of Oil that I need to use?

Yes, its silicone spray and you spray it on top of the hydraulic cylinders and underneath the tread on each side.

Any maximum weight allowed?

There is no maximum weight but from my own experience it ranges from 200 to 300 pounds.

Can it be set to ”FLAT”?

Some people say it’s hard to set to Flat because there is no cushion. But from my own experience, YES you can set it to flat Just press down on each tread and they lock into the down position. It takes just a few seconds.

Can I adjust to resistance level?

Just set it on the highest settings and use it for 20 – 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week.

You’ll defiantly lose weight.


Hopefully this review from the team at Another Damn Fitness Blog has helped you choose the right treadclimber!